Credit Card Manager Pro v1.7.1 [Paid] Apk [Latest]

Credit Card Manager PRO

Credit Card Manager PRO

Take control of your credit cards with this offline credit card manager (no need to create account or login online).

This credit card manager arranges your credit card informationin a simple way and reminds you of important due dates. Optionally you can record transactions to keep track of your credit card usage. The Pro version of the app is able to monitor SMS for card transactions.

Features :

– Simple design
– Ad-free
– Works offline
– Due date reminders
– Record transactions
– Statement/outstanding balance estimation
– Mark payment as settled
– Shows statement/due/next due/cut off dates
– Sort cards by longest interest-free period
– Annual fee waiver reminder
– Backup/Restore feature
– No need to worry about online account being hacked
– Monitor SMS for transactions [Pro feature]
– Attach photos in transactions [Pro feature]
– Add/edit categories [Pro feature]
– Personalized currency symbol [Pro feature]
– Pattern lock [Pro feature]
– Add recurring transactions[Pro feature]
– Monitor credit limit [Pro feature]
– Compare interest rates [Pro feature]


– If partial payment has been made, the shortfall amount until due amount is fully paid will be              shown beside the due amount
– Added menu item to quickly make a copy of a transaction
– Category will be default to ‘Other’ for new transactions
– [Pro version] Recurring transactions which do not repeat indefinitely (instalments) will reduce the     available credit by the whole amount, like they’re supposed to
– [Pro version] SMS monitoring will ignore SMS with the words OTP or One Time Password in it


  • Credit Card Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Credit Card Manager Pro Screenshot


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