Complete Ear Trainer v1.6.3-1575 [Unlocked] Apk [Latest]

Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer

The ultimate ear training app for musicians. Develop your relative pitch to the full by improving your aural skills and your music theory knowledge. This will better many aspects of your life as a musician, be it regarding improvisation, composition, arrangement, interpretation, singing, or playing in a band.

Designed like a video game and with strong pedagogical concepts in mind, this app will make you truly master each interval, chord, scale, etc. before taking you to the next one.

Features :
• 150+ progressive drills arranged over 4 levels / 28 chapters
• 11 drill types, 24 intervals, 36 chord types, chord inversions, 28 scale types, melodic dictations,    chord progressions
• Easy mode: 50+ progressive drills arranged over 12 chapters especially designed for beginners
• Play a selection of 21 drills in arcade mode
• 5 octaves of actual recorded grand piano sounds
• In each chapter, a theory card will introduce you to the concepts you will need to know
• No need to know how to read music on a staff
• Designed like a video game: earn 3 stars in each drill of a chapter to unlock the next one. Or will     you be able to obtain 5-star perfects?
• Compare scores amongst your friend circles and see how you rank against other players  worldwide
• Don’t want to follow the preestablished path of progression? Create and save your own custom    drills and rehearse them at your own convenience
• Create full custom training programs and invite friends or students to join them. If for example  you’re a teacher you can create custom programs for your students, add drills every week and  see their scores on private leaderboards
• Never lose any progress: cloud sync across your various Android and iOS devices
• 7 additional sound banks are available, all with actual recorded sounds: vintage piano, Rhodes    piano, electric guitar, harpsichord, concert harp, strings and strings pizzicato (optional in-app  purchases)
• Google Play Game Services: 25 achievements to unlock
• Google Play Game Services: leaderboards (global, per level, per chapter, easy mode, arcade  mode)
• Nice and clean material design user interface
• Designed by a musician and music teacher with a Royal Conservatory master’s degree

What’s New
• All sound banks are now free
• Global statistics
• New app icon
• You can now click on the items before a drill starts to play random interval, chords, scales, etc.
• In spelling drills, the notes will now be played after a correct answer


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  • Complete Ear Trainer Screenshot

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